Old Maps of India

Vintage maps of India and the Far East

We have a beautiful collection of vintage reproduction map posters and historical map prints of India and the Far East in a wide range of sizes for personal study as well as to fit all your decorating needs. Most of our historical maps are also available on a variety of other products, from mugs to mousepads.
Historical maps of India in postcard sizes are ideal for classrooms and collectors alike.

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India - Panoramic Map - India was created in 1903. This image depicts scenes from India.

Map of India created by Abraham Ortelius and published in Antwerp in 1570.

High resolution scan of a beautiful map of the Orient titled "India quae Orientalis dicitur et Insulae Adiacentes." Created in 1642 by Willem Janszoon Blaeu.

High Resolution image suitable for large or small copies. This is a reproduction and may have been digitally enhanced to repair flaws, major stains, etcetera. From an atlas titled: "Atlas Portatif, Contenant La Gographie Universelle Ancienne et Moderne" by Eustache Hérisson (Eustache Herisson).

Hindoostan. By Lucas, Fielding Jr. (182). Published by ''Baltimore: Fielding Lucas Jr".

Hindoostan. By Finley, Anthony (183). Published by ''Phila: Anthony Finley''.

English School's Improved Map of India published in London 1820 (colour lithograph) located at a Private Collection. The Improved Map of India published in London 1820 (colour lithograph) was created around 1820 AD.

Atlas page from an 1858 French Atlas: "France and its Colonies" by Alexandre Vuillemin and Ernest Poirée. This atlas had maps of all the French Departments and overseas possessions of the time. Vuillemin's maps are noted for the extensive margin illustrations - vignettes, famous people, and views of cities. Each map was titled with a different font, and the fonts, decorations and marginalia changed with each subsequent edition. Later editions were often more elaborate and sometimes larger than the maps I have scanned here.

High resolution scan of a beautiful map of India and Asia created in 1680 by Fredrick De Wit. Titled "Indiae Orientalis nec non Insualrum Adiacentium Nova Descriptio."

High resolution scan of a colorful antique map of India created by Vincenzo Maria Coronelli circa 1690 titled "Penisola Dell'Indo Di Qua Del Gange E L'Isola Di Ceilan Nell'Indie Orientali."

East India Islands. By Darton, William (181). Published by ''London: William Darton''.

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