Old Colorado State Maps

Historical maps of Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park / Colorado United States.

This is a reproduction of an original map of Colorado showing the railroads in the state, and the express company doing business over each, also counties and rivers; published in 1879.

Map of the State of Colorado. By Nell, Louis (188). Published by ''Denver: Chain & Hardy''.

This is a reproduction of a map of the Colorado River entitled Rio Colorado of the West; explored by 1st. Lieut. Joseph C. Ives, Topl. Engrs. under the direction of the Office of Explorations and Surveys; created in 1858.

General Geological Map of Colorado. By Hayden, F.V. (188). Published by ''Washington: Department of The Interior. United States Geological and Geographical Surveys of the Territories".

Thayer's Map of Denver Colorado. By Thayer, H.L. (187). Published by ''Denver: H.L. Thayer''. 1879?

Antiquarian Map by Frederick J. Ebert This is a restored version of this old Colorado map.

Reproduction Map of Colorado Territory and the Central Gold Region. This map retains the aged coloring.

Frontier Forts! Territories! Building the Trans Pacific Railroad. This Western States and Trans Pacific Railroad map is from the book Beyond the Mississippi by Albert D. Richardson. It shows the progress of the railroad as of 1867 and other interesting points such as lots of forts and territories of the day. Other fun features are the Grand Canyon labeled the "Great Canyon" and errors such as Oakland CA in Marin county. This version includes a "printed" brown mat border that makes it ready to frame. It is set for a 16 x 20 size. If you want 16 x 20, select customize or “add image and text” and set to 16x20. There is also a version of this with a green mat and a plain white version.

Old Map of Colorado, 1921

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