Old Maps of the Caribbean

Vintage maps of the islands of the Caribbean

Old Caribbean maps are full of mystery and romance. These vintage Caribbean maps evoke scenes of pirates and explorers, shipwrecks and treasures. Ideal for historians and teachers, our antique Caribbean maps are ideal for study or as instructional aids. These old maps are also wonderful reminders of romantic vacations past. Purchase a vintage Caribbean map reproduction as a thoughtful remembrance or gift.

This is a very large scale reproduction of a map of Puerto Rico published by Colton in 1886.

This is a large scale reproduction of a map described as a general chart of the West Indies drawn by Joseph Smith Speer and published in London in 1796.

2D illustration of the Spanish Main, known today as the Caribbean.

Peter Schenck: Tabula Mexicae et Floridae

This is a reproduction of a map described as: a new chart of the seas surrounding the island of Cuba with the soundings, currents, ships, courses &c. and a map of the island itself lately made by an officer in the Navy, 1762.

Caribbean Islands 17th Century Map Caribbean Islands - Map of the islands of Cuba and Hispaniola (Haiti, Dominican Republic) with smaller insets of Havana, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Margarita.

Theodore de Bry's Map of the Caribbean islands and the American state of Florida located at a Private Collection. Theodore de Bry was a English artist. The Map of the Caribbean islands and the American state of Florida was created around the 16th century.

This is a reproduction of an early map of a part of the island of Cuba and of the Bahamas; created by Joan Vinckeboons in 1650.

This is a reproduction of an early map of the island of Cuba; created by Joan Vinckeboons in 1639.

This is a reproduction map of the island of Puerto Rico showing the lines of signal communication, telegraph, telephone, and heliograph, operated by the Signals Corps, U.S. Army, with military posts; based on a map furnished by the War Department, Adjuntant General Office, Military Information Division; published in 1900.

This is a reproduction of a map of San Juan, Puerto Rico, drawn by Jose Monerto de Espinosa in 1785.

This is a large scale reproduction of a map of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, drawn by Federico Drouyn in 1888.

This is a reproduction of a map described as: North America, and the West Indies; a new map, wherein the British Empire and its limits, according to the definitive treaty of peace, in 1763, are accurately described, and the dominions possessed by the Spaniards, the French, & other European States; the whole compiled from all the new surveys, and authentic memoirs that have hitherto appeared, drawn by Carrington Bowles around 1774.

This is a large scale reproduction of a map of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic drawn by C.F. Fritzsch in 1755.

Historic World Map - The Island of Hispaniola

English School's Map of Bermuda (colour engraving) located at a Private Collection.

Carte De La Partie Francoise De St. Domingue. A map from just after the rebellion and fight for independence. The map still refers to Haiti using the French Colonial name.

French School's Map of Barbados located at a Private Collection. The Map of Barbados was created around the 18th century.

Hayti or Saint Domingo - Old Atlas Map

St. Christopher (St. Kitts), Caribbean Map. Date Unknown.

This is a reproduction of a map depicting Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic; created in 1805.

This is a reproduction of an early city plan map of Havana, Cuba, created in 1720.

AFBEELDINGH der heete rescontre te Water en te Lant op het EYLANDT TABAGO, ... During the 17th and eithteenth centuries, the sea around the islands in the Caribbean was infamous for pirates. In 1676 The Netherlands sent an expedition led by Jacob Binckes with the purpose to end this piracy. In 1677 a confrontation was started near the island of Tobago with a French fleet. This battle which ended dramatically for the Dutch is represented by Romeyn de Hooghe (1645-1708) on this print.

Beautiful antique map of the West Indies.

Interesting map of the West Indies and Caribbean created in 1750 by Robert de Vaugondy Gilles.

Beautiful map of the Caribbean, Granadilles and Virgin Islands. Published 1789 in London by R. Wilkinson, W. Faden, & J. Harris. Drawn by M. Richmond. Very high resolution scan will show all details in focus.

Terra Firma, Caribbean. By Bowen, Emanuel (174). Published by ''London: William Innys [et al.]''.

The Caribbean is a crescent-shaped group of islands more than 2,000 miles (3,200 km) long separating the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea , to the west and south, from the Atlantic Ocean , to the east and north. From the peninsula of Florida on the mainland of the United States , the islands stretch 1,200 miles (1,900 km) southeastward, then 500 miles (800 km) south, then west along the north coast of Venezuela on the South American mainland. 

West India Islands. By Darton, William (181). Published by ''London: William Darton''.

This very scarce map of St. Croix shows the names of some of the landowners / planters at the time and of the sugar estates / plantations. It also has an inset in the lower right hand side showing Bassin (Christiansted). Geographical place names are in French. This early map is a must for any Crucian / Cruzan, genealogist, historian, or St. Croix lover! A Saint Croix map of incredible history! The island was owned by the Knights of Malta after being bequeathed by Phillippe de Longvilliers de Poincy, governor of the French colony of St. Kitts in 1660. However, they sold it to the French West India Company five years later. Under Governor Dubois, the colony became profitable with over 90 plantations established, growing such crops as tobacco, cotton, sugar cane, and indigo. After Dubois's death, the colony declined and Europeans abandoned the island until 1733 when it was sold to the Danish West India and Guinea Company. Original Map Title: L' Isle de Ste. Croix Scituée a 18. degr 48 minutes de lat. Septentrionalle Gouvernée depuis 12 Ans par Monsieur duBois. 1671.

West Indies. By Thomson, John (181). Published by ''Edinburgh: John Thomson; London: Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy; Dublin: John Cumming''.

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