Old Maps of Asia

Vintage maps including Japan, China, Taiwan, Russia, and Vietnam

These antique maps of Asia are endlessly fascinating. We have an outstanding collection of old Asia maps from a variety of sources. These old maps of Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Russia, and other points in Asia are visually interesting and historically intriguing. They will look beautiful in your home or office, or anywhere people gather. Try them in classrooms for inspirational teaching.

This is a reproduction of a map of Asia created by Abraham Ortelius and published in Antwerp in 1570.

Humorous map created around 1900 with countries of Europe and Asia represented by symbolic cartoons - Russian by a bear, Indian by an elephant. Colorful and fun as well as a lesson in history

The Map House of London / Map of South East Asia

This is a reproduction of a map of Russia probably published in Saint Petersburg in 1786.

High Resolution image suitable for large or small copies. This is a reproduction and may have been digitally enhanced to repair flaws, major stains, etcetera. From an atlas titled: "Atlas Portatif, Contenant La Gographie Universelle Ancienne et Moderne" by Eustache Hérisson (Eustache Herisson).

From Johnson's Atlas of the World. Includes index to Japanese provinces and inset of "Vicinity of Canton and Hong Kong "

Vintage Map of Asia and Australia

Vintage Map by Johann Baptist Homann Asiae recentissima delineatio, qua status et imperia totius orientis unacum orientalibus indiis exhibentur

Japan - Panoramic Map - Japan was created in 1888. This image depicts scenes from Japan.

New York : G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co., 1885. Central Asia : Afghanistan and her relation to British and Russian territories.

Beautiful reproduction of an antique map from the 17th century. The territory covered extends from Moscow to Korea. Copperplate engraving by Peter Kaerius (P.Van Den Keere, 1571-1646). The original was published in Amsterdam, around 1620

This is a reproduction of a map, in Russian, of the Soviet Union showing city populations with graded circle symbols, drawn by V.A. Kemenetskii in 1926.

Klein-Asien & Syrien Nebst Den Westlichen Theilen Von Armenien, Kurdistan & Mesopotamien. By Stieler, Adolf (187). Published by ''Gotha: Justus Perthes''.

North and South Korea - Panoramic Map - North and South Korea was created in 1780. This image depicts scenes from North and South Korea.

This is a reproduction of a map of the Russian Empire showing the regions of the precious metals drawn by A. Jlyne in 1890.

This is a reproduction of a map of Russia and Siberia, described as the Carte de Tartarie, and drawn by Guillaume de L'Isle in 1706.

Beautiful map of Asia and the Middle East created by John Overton in 1666.

Asia Minor, Syria & Mesopotamia. By Bartholomew, J. G. (John Georg), 1860-1920 ; John Bartholomew and Son (192). Published by ''London: The Times".

This is a vintage map of Asia produced in 1855.

Japan - Panoramic Map - Japan was created in 1855. This image depicts scenes from Japan.

Interesting early renaissance map of Asia created by Munster circa 1550.

Asia. By (Arrowsmith, Aaron; Lewis, Samue) (180). Published by ''Philadelphia: J. Conrad''.

Asia. By Morse, H.; Worcester, J. E. (182). Published by ''Boston: Cummings & Hilliard''.

Asia. By Mitchell, Samuel Augustus; Williams, W. (Wellingto) (187). Published by ''Philadelphia: S.A. Mitchell, Jr.; Chicago: R.A. Campbell''.

High resolution scan of a beautiful vintage map of China created by Hondius published 1633.

Vietnam - Panoramic Map - Vietnam was created in 1890. This image depicts scenes from Vietnam.

Taiwan - Panoramic Map - Taiwan was created in 1880. This image depicts scenes from Taiwan.

Borneo - Panoramic Map - Borneo was created in 1914. This image depicts scenes from Borneo.

Tibet - Panoramic Map - Tibet was created in 1900. This image depicts scenes from Tibet.

Fortresses in Xin Xi Ying, Yunnan Provence - Panoramic Map - Yunnan, China was created in 1930. This image depicts scenes from Yunnan, China.

Coast Defense of Tokyo Bay of Japan - Panoramic Map - Tokyo, Japan was created in 1852. This image depicts scenes from Japan.

Shizuoka-ken, Japan - Panoramic Map - Shizuoka-ken, Japan was created in 1850. This image depicts scenes from Shizuoka-ken, Japan.

Mountain Region North and West of Peking China - Panoramic Map - China was created in 1881. This image depicts scenes from China.

Peking, China - Panoramic Map - Peking, China was created in 1948. This image depicts scenes from China.

Ming Empire, China - Panoramic Map - China was created in 1800. This image depicts scenes from China.

High resolution scan of an elegant renaissance map of China created by Cornelis De Jode in 1593 titled "China Regnum."

Korean School 's Sino Korean world map located at the British Library, London, UK. The Sino Korean world map was created around the 19th century.

The Detail of Asia from the Catalan Atlas by Abraham Cresques (1325-87) 1375 (see also 56622) was created around 1375 AD.

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